Personal Sketch of Doug Sweetser

My father went to Harvard University and Harvard Law School as his father did. He read voraciously. My mother went to Boston University getting a degree in Physical Therapy. They had one poor date in a canoe. While in Europe, my father tracked down my mother, and with nearly all the details lost to me, wooed her accross the pond.

I was born in Bronxville, New York, in 1962. We had both a stay at home mom and live in maid. My father worked at the New York Times a corporate lawyer. When I was five, he got a job at the Minneapolis Star and Tribune. The family moved into a house with almost 10 acres of land. I went to a The Blake School an all boys private school, until it became the plural Blake Schools and coed in seventh grade (great timing). My education continued at M.I.T. where I got degrees in Biology and Chemical engineering. Note: I did not get a degree in either mathematics or physics.

I am a solid core nerd. A hard core nerd has strong opinions about all the versions of Star Trek. A solid core nerd does not watch the show because the science is so impossibly wrong. In Star Trek, space is treated like Manhattan: go to the next stop, and a wonderfully different collection of people are there. One can easy go from Wall Street Suits, to Chinatown, to Uptown, to Harlem, Spanish or otherwise. Space in the Universe is really just space, with distances too far for people to travel.