Thanks to ...

To be productive in my many endeavors, I've needed plenty of help and encouragement, so I wish to acknowledge it explicitly.

The Physics

Prof. Michel Baranger, MIT. It was great fun recreating special relativity while taking special relativity.

Prof. Eric Carlson, Harvard.

Prof. Mitchell Golden, (formerly of) Harvard. The discussions while you were in gentle academia instead of the brutal real world of software designed increased my understanding significantly.

Prof. Alan Guth, MIT. We talked for a total of five minutes on two occasions, but each time that gave me directions for months.

Prof. Lisa Randall, MIT. Nothing quite as useful as a harsh critic, because nature is far tougher.

Dr. Vincent Robert, U Chicago. This stuff is still moving forward. I needed that special French translation, even if the artwork still doesn't make any sense.

Dr. Paul Romanelli. You tried to listen in the early days, and that mattered a lot.

Prof. Guido Sandri, BU, RIP. You were always FANTASTIC. Prof. Sandri was an Italian antidepressant.

Prof. Edwin F. Taylor, MIT, the world's best teacher of relativity.

Pop Science

Amanda Annis, clay sculptures. OK, there are no clay sculptures included in Pop Science, but thinking more that 2D is one of the key themes.

Paul Fata, wandering world artist. I love cheap art! (I also like some of the expensive stuff to, but I never actually buy it : )

Jennifer Hall, Do While Studios. I hope to build a chunk of software using some of the math in here that can live up to the standard of Do While.

Maureen Metzger, Mass. College of Art. The critiques in "Collage and Beyond..." helped mature the works presented. True to the title, we did go beyond...

Meredyth Moses, Clark Gallery. The comments on the portfolio were appreciated.

Mo Ramage, artist to the core.

Joan Shafran, Do While Studios. "Creative Seeing" was the course that got me seeing creatively as a young adult my key advantage in attacking the tough issues in physics.

Lynn Tallo. A core supporter of this small project!

John Yager, formerly of Creative Framing of Chestnut Hill. The work looks professional beyond the skills of its creator. The painting consultations made all the difference.

The Bike

Bob Barrett, the big man who inspired the project, and tolerated the design process as it consumed the dining room.

Bill Darby, Special Purpose Vehicles. Even more important than all the welding were your comments on what would make a workable machine. And it's still working today.

Jeffrey Ferris, Ferris Wheels. The class in bike repair got me thinking about the simple mechanical beauty of the bicycle.

Prof. Harold Washburn, Harvard. Now I think that "market research" is a useful enterprise. I just wish I had capital (a frequent lament : )

Lindy Hop

Darra Sweetser. Someday, you may get to stomp at the Savoy. That would make a cool road trip!

Tony and Aurelie Tye, Hop to the Beat Dance Studios. You cats know how to dance.


Prof. Leonard Burrello. It was a humbling year for me in Indiana, but I kept my core vision.

Dr. Steve Chervitz, Stanford. The best work should be unrecognizable for a long time, but hopefully not too long.

Dr. Win Ping Deng. Remember to keep drawing. It can help your science and soul.

The Guild clan. Let's do the 4th of July together, again!

Dr. Derek Kane. Could you check the math? How about the metaphysics? ?Punctuation?

Doug Kuller. The physics here will NOT help with ping pong. It might have helped with 8.012, but I doubt it.

Dr. Don Olivier. It is sometimes difficult for someone how is an approximation to a mathematician to deal with someone who is a mathematician, but that just makes my approximation better in the long run.

Michael Phillips. Hope I can get some respect for my work like you do at the Wall Street Journal. Sorry, so far there is no economic angle for my various projects, otherwise I'd give you the inside scoop. (I hope you have finally "awakened to the fascination that is Harvard.")

Dean & Leslie Potashner. We will get on Letterman so day!

Prof. Richard Young, MIT. I've kept the "whatever it takes (spend freely) to answer the question" attitude with me while doing my own science and art projects. Peer review the results.

...and family*

Darra Sweetser and my daughter Elle.

Arthur, Cindy, Teddy, Grace, Asa (and...?) Sweetser.

Lydia, Billy, Allie, and Nickolaus Gollner.

Adrienne Sweetser.

Grandma may not be surfing to the site soon, but I informed her of the web on her 94th birthday.

And last, but most, Joan Sweetser.

Love is the creation and reflection of Life. I thank you for all of your love.