On Space-times-time Invariance as Gravity

This is a collection of slides, videos, and papers I have presented at physics meetings about my novel approach to gravity. Enjoy, and feedback is always welcome at sweetser@alum.mit.edu.

Electromagnetism in a gravity field for the quaternion gravity proposal 14 slides video Oct 2016

19th Eastern Gravity Meeting Talk: Two "just funny" uses funny uses for a quaternion squared 15 slides 23 minute video May 2016

APS Talk: Unified Mathematical Theory: Get the math right, all else will follow, 15 slides22 minute video April, 2016

APS Talk: Einstein in 1906, An Alternative History 27 minute video Nov, 2015

Paper: Quaternion space-times-time invariance as gravity 8 pages Oct, 2015

One page summary of quaternion gravity 2 page pdf

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